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Our wide range of products of the most acceptable quality at the best prices guarantees you a safe investment for your strict requirement. Due to our wide experience in the field of cable connection, we have included other related products to our stable as shown below:



cable-link-malaysia-ReyLuc ring-lug-terminal-ReyLuc SpadeTerminal_ReyLuc

Cable Lug

Cable Link

Ring Terminal

Fork Terminal (Y-lug)


insulated-link-Reyluc pin-lug-terminal-ReyLuc cord-end-terminal-lug

Insulated Disconnector

Insulated Butt Connector

Pin Terminal Lug

Insulated Cord End Terminal


c-clamp-copper-cablelug brass-cable-glands-cable-lugs cable-joints-shell-gel-resin

Closed-end Connector

Copper C-clamp

Brass Cable Glands 

Cable Joints Gel 

cable-lug-crimping-tools-Rex cable-cutting-tools-Rex-cablelugs pipe-bending-tools-Shell cable-connector-terminal-block

Crimping Tools

Cable Cutting Tools

Related Tools

Cable Connectors