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  • Copper cable lug and joints, connectors, terminal strips, insulation and cord end terminals... for a secure connection of all types of copper cables. ReyLuc Cable Lug Are Manufactured From Electrolytic Copper With A Tinned Plated Finish for Improved Electrical Contact.
  • We are a Leading Manufacturer and Distributor of all kinds of cable connectors fofr copper cables
  • Our wide range of products of the most acceptable quality at the best prices guarantees you a safe investment for your strict requirement.
  • Due to our principal of providing quality products, we follow a strict quality management system in our China facilities, where we adhere closely to the standards set by international bodies like SGS. Thus our products manage to attain ROHS, CE, UL and other approved certifications to prove our credibility. Our quality and services are well accepted by worldwide customers, thus enjoying a good reputation.
  • Over the years, we have developed many "award" winning quality brands products with superior quality to meet the needs of our customers. Along the way, due to our strict adherence to quality, we have also picked up major European brands to boost our credibility as a quality products supplier.
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  • We welcome you to contact us at +603-92238001, or simply drop us an email at
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