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“Secure your connections with REX tools”

…the optimum solution for safety and reliability!


Cable Lug

Bell Entry Terminals To Facilitate Easy Cable Entry


Cable Link

A Central Stop Is Introduced To Ensure Correct Positioning Of Conductors


Ring Terminal Lug

Meticulously designed to ensure complete and easy introduction of the conductor strands.


Fork Terminal Lug

For optimum electrical and mechanical performance, it is suggested that proper crimping dies and tools are used which cater to their specific uses.


Insulated Disconnectors

Terminals are made from electrolytic copper, rolled tin-plated and brazed high quality Nylon/PVC insulation are used which are able to withstand high duress resulting from crimping.


Crimping Tools

REX tools are well designed to form a secure connection that is properly sealed from any gas or moisture, preventing shortages or faulty electrical connections.